Promotions- und Habilitationspreise 2021

Dr.-Ing. Sema Karakurt-Fischer
Development and validation of a novel treatment concept for planned potable reuse based on sequential managed aquifer recharge technology for more sustainable water management

Dr. phil. Christian Kosel
Teacher Vision: Exploring the Relationship between Teachers’ Visual Expertise and their Competence in Assessing Complex Student Profiles TUM School of Education

Dr.-Ing. Selma Music
Shared Control for Human–Robot Team Interaction

Dr. rer. nat. Benedikt Zönnchen
Efficient parallel algorithms for large-scale pedestrian simulation

Dr. rer. nat. Manfred Mayer
Discovery of novel beneficial alleles in maize landraces for the improvement of quantitative traits

Dr.-Ing. Theresa Trummler
Numerical investigations of cavitation phenomena

Dr. rer. nat. Annabelle Bohrdt
Probing strongly correlated many-body systems with quantum simulation