Donate to promote the TUM

For the members of the TUM Association of Alumni and Friends, it is an important concern to support young researchers at the Technical University of Munich. Your donation will make a difference. Even small amounts of money can help – to further research projects or student activities and to enable taking part in conferences at home and abroad, among many other things.

Every donation counts – no matter whether it’s a regular payment or a one-time donation!

Donations purpose

A “free donation”, i.e. a cash grant without a specific purpose, gives us the greatest possible flexibility in using the funds. Alternatively, you can determine a specific purpose for your funding.

Account for Donations

HypoVereinsbank München
IBAN: DE40700202700000201181


How we spend your money

We can guarantee that your donation will be used exclusively for the various funding projects of the TUM Association of Alumni and Friends.


Donation Receipts

The German tax authorities recognize the Freunde der TUM e.V. as a non-profit organization fort he promotion of science and research (according to § 52 para. 2 sentence 1 no. 1 AO). Therefore, membership fees are tax deductible for tax payers in Germany.

For annual contributions up to 300 €, we can issue a simplified grant proof („vereinfachter Zuwendungsnachweis“), for which we would like to ask you to download the confirmation form. Print it out, and provide the tax authorities with a copy of the confirmation along with an according bank statement.

Donation Receipt up to 300 €

For annual contributions over 300 €, the TUM Association of Alumni and Friends will automatically issue a separate donor certificate officially prescribed form (§ 50 para. 1 EstDV). Please give us your full name and address.