Good ideas for groundbreaking research should not fail because of a lack of funds. For this reason, the Freunde der TUM has two funding lines to support junior researchers at TUM.

Quick help

The “quick help”-option serves to support junior researchers – for example to enable them to take part in conferences, conventions, or advanced training.


Funding projects

In the course of the board meeting, which takes place in July, the board of the “Freunde der TUM” decides which projects are to be supported, depending on the available funds. Funding can be provided by research grants or by providing non-monetary resources.


Funding projects of the last years

Funded projects 2022

“Ferienakademie” (holiday academy) 2022
15.000 EUR in funding

10 "Deutschlandstipendium" scholarships
18.000 EUR in funding

Akaflieg München
20.000 EUR in funding

TUM Carbon Removal Initiative
25.000 EUR in funding

WARR Rocketry – Projekt Cryosphere
12.000 EUR in funding

WARR Rocketry – Projekt Nixus
30.000 EUR in funding

WARR Space Labs
8.000 EUR in funding

Welcoming Event for first semester students –  WELCOME@TUM 2022
50.000 EUR in funding

Funding 2021

TUM Advent Concerts 2021
22,700 EUR in funding

10 "Deutschlandstipendium" scholarships
18,000 EUR in funding 

“Ferienakademie” (holiday academy) 2021
16,000 EUR in funding

Sustainable Living Labs (SLL)
32,000 EUR in funding

Pilot Project on new event forms of TUM Junge Akademie
15,000 EUR in funding